Our Lost National Identity - Tracing the Lineage of Israel's Lost Ten Tribes

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With years of research and study under his belt, author John A. Pinkston tackles the daunting task of describing the lineage, and consequently, the current whereabouts of the ten tribes of Israel. Through Pinkstons extensive study and research, readers will find themselves tracking the modern-day empires through the ages, one Israelite king at a time. Our Lost National Identity: Tracing the Lineage of Israels Lost Ten Tribes, cites the actions of the tribes that separated them from God and how alliances, enemies and wars inevitably spread the chosen people of God across the globe. By identifying characteristics of each tribe, referencing works of antiquity, and the unfulfilled prophecies of the Bible, Pinkston approaches a widely discussed subject from the beginning of it allAbraham and the unconditional promiseand walks readers down an intricate path of discovery to find Our Lost National Identity.
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