Our Mansion on Anglin' Road

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Carls oldest brother, Glen, has muscular dystrophy and is confined to a wheelchair. Will the cold, Ohio weather and deep snows draw the remaining strength from Glens weak body? In Our Mansion on Anglin Road, Arthur Dale Likens has woven the story of a young boys deep love for his crippled brother with an unusual attraction to a run-down house he now calls his mansion. Fun and laughter permeate the walls of the ancient house as never before. New friends and loving relatives come to share in the laughter, the dancing, and the singing that echo across the valley. But Carl is unaware of the problems that lie ahead. Dad loses his job. A sordid, old man tries to have Glen placed in a home. A town derelict is accused of seriously harming a new friend. Glen finally succumbs to the weather and may never sing in a musical he has long awaited. When Dad becomes hospitalized he claims the house is jinxed. He vows to move from the old house. What will become of Glens dream of singing in the famous musical? How could Carl ever live anywhere, if not in his mansion on Anglin Road?
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