Palestinian & Israeli Middle East Conflict - Separating the People from the Problems

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Palestinian & Israeli Middle East Conflict: Separating the People from the Problems
This work employs the lessons learned in our audio book, Conflict Resolution, to analyze the Middle East Conflict, discuss the points of view of the parties, identify the pluses-minuses-and interesting points (PMI Thinking) involved as well as the ideas expressed in Roger Ury’s landmark book, Getting to Yes. It extensively reviews the points of view of the United States, Europe and the rest of the world, as well as Israel, the Palestinians, and others in the Middle East. This reasoned approach takes no sides, supports no party, but works to identify the truth and significance of each party's point of view. This new landmark audio book is well worth listening to in order to acquire a dispassionate reasoned perspective on this long standing seemingly immutable conflict as well as a learning process to help you resolve conflicts in your own work and life.
Keywords: Conflict, resolution, DeBono, McCormick, Herb Cohen, Ury, Getting to Yes, negotiations, entrepreneur, business, management, lawyers, lawsuits, disputes, court, mediation, Israel, Middle East, PLO, Hamas, Arafat, Iran, Europe, USA, America, and arbitration.
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