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Pantheisticon: or, the Form Of Celebrating the Socratic-Society.
Divided into Three Parts.
Which Contain,
I. The Morals and Axioms of the Pantheists; or the Brotherhood.
II. Their Deity and Philosophy.
III. Their Liberty, and a Law, neither deceiving, nor to be deceived.
To which is prefix'd a Discourse upon the Antient and Modern Societies of the Learned, as also upon the Infinite and Eternal Universe. And subjoined, a short dissertation upon a Two-fold Philosophy of the Pantheists, that is to be followed; together with an Idea of the best and most accomplished Man.
Written Originally in Latin, by the Ingenious Mr. John Toland. And now, for the first Time, faithfully rendered into English. (Summary from frontispiece.)
The readers for the individual chapters can be found in the table below. Three chapters were read as dialogues by two persons:
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