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There was a dispute. Phaethon said to another man that he is a son of Phoebus Apollo. Phaethon couldn't prove to his opponent that he is a son of Phoebus. He came to mother and asked about his kinship with the Sun. She said: "It is true, I swear. If you have any doubt, go to the land whence he rises at morning and ask him any gift you will; he is your father, and he can't refuse you." After that Phaethon went to the country of sunrise. He went to the East till he came to the palace of the Sun. Phaethon met Phoebus and asked him: "Are you my father indeed?" Phoebus said that Phaethon is his son. The son asked: "Let me drive your chariot for one day?" But his father said: "This is only mine chariot of all the Gods. Not Zeus himself dare drive the chariot of the Sun". But in the end Phoebus gave a chariot to his son with words: "Follow the road, and never turn aside. Go neither too high nor too low."
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