Phob-Ease: Fearless Flying

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Howard Liebgold, M.D., a psychiatrist, who overcame restrictive phobias of 31 years, reveals his techniques to combat the fear of flying. Many people with anxiety over flying are afraid of the claustrophobia brought on by small spaces of airplanes. Do you travel by train, car or bus, taking days to reach your destination instead of hours? Overcome your fear by listening to this audio program and get where you want to go, quickly and without fear. Howard Liebgold, M.D., (Dr. Fear) a recovered phobic physician, awarded Physician of the Year, has dedicated his life to helping people overcome their anxiety, panic, and phobias. He is internationally recognized as a professional lecturer, an expert on anxiety and has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show, Discovery Channel. Unsolved Mysteries and the BBC.
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