Playing with Boys - A Novel

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The vibrant new tale by the bestselling author of The Dirty Girls Social Club Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez's first novel caused a sensation when it was published last year. Listeners flocked to the story of six friends in Boston because Valdes-Rodriguez created utterly fresh voices and characters. In Alisa-Valdes Rodriguez's delicious new novel, three friends-each a Latina in her late 20's-take Los Angeles by storm. Marcella, Olivia, and Alexis have bonded not only over trouble with men but about how tough it is to make life work in L.A. no matter what you do. Marcella is a hot young television actress, hardly able to enjoy the life she's bought for herself, and she's certainly not enjoying her body, which is never quite perfect enough. Olivia's tethered to her toddler son and her suburban mommy track so tightly the other girls sometimes cringe. Alexis has a smart mouth, an ample body, and a great job, but about enough self-esteem to fill a Prada card case. The emotional richness and girly fun of the heroines' friendship will delight listeners.
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