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"Polly!" Mother called, walking into Polina's room early the following morning.
Polina had fallen asleep on her bedroom floor next to her science project.
"Wake up, Polina," Mother said as she gently tugged on Polina's shoulder. "Polina, you fell asleep on the floor."
"Hmmm I'm getting up, Mama."
Polina, like most school girls, would always like to do things in the last minute. One night, she stayed up too late making her science project, which was due in the morning. The next day, her Mama left for work after waking her up, but Polina who was very tired, stayed on the floor and slept again. When she woke up because of the noise of other children going to school, she realized that she was going to be late. She ran after her school bus, but she didn't catch it. She felt really upset and was teary eyed. On her way to school, she faced a lot of problems. When she arrived at her classroom, an unexpected thing happened. She would never forget that day and biggest lesson that she has learned.
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