Poor Matza - Selected Stories of Avrom Reisen Translated from the Yiddish by Harvey Fink

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Avrom Reisen (1876-1953) was an acclaimed and prolific Yiddish poet and short story writer for the American Yiddish dailies. This is a superb translation by Harvey Fink of some of Reisen's best short stories. At the time of Reisen's death, the Jewish Spectator wrote: "There are many Yiddish writers who owe their success to Reisen's encouragement. For years he published and edited, under great sacrifices, Yiddish journals with the primary aim of providing a platform for young, struggling writers... He had no arrogance, no pretensions and no personal vanity." This is the third of Harvey Fink's works of translation. He has also translated, `From Man to Man' and `That Is How It Is' - works of Moishe Nadir.
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