Precious Gift

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As a ruddy and inquisitive boy, I grew up on a farm in east Tennessee. My parents were always telling me to stop, look, and listen for the Lord, so I often stopped, looked, and listened, until one day something wonderful happened to me Join Anthony on a magnificent journey to Bethlehem in the days of old. As the city prepares for the Passover celebration, Anthony meets Precious Gift, a lamb whose wool is pure and free from blemish. Soon Anthony learns that Precious Gift is to be the sacrificial lamb. Although Anthony is sad, he understands that Precious Gift must lose his life in order to uphold the grace set in place by Jesus Christ, who, by his Crucifixion, set mankind free from the shackles of sin. As the trumpets blare, Anthony realizes he must dedicate his life to the Lord, just as Precious Gift. Precious Gift, by author Tracy K. Sams, reveals the beauty of selflessness and teaches children young and old of the greatest giftthe precious gift of salvation.
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