Puff in the Pillow - A 5-Story Compilation

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Puff is a lovely character who lives in every child’s pillow and who they can turn to when scared and worried about something in their life. In these stories Puff helps children confront a range of fears such as being left with a baby sitter, going to the doctor, seeing shadows at night, eating food such as broccoli, and fireworks.
Many children have fears which parents need to manage. The PUFF IN THE PILLOW series is a great ‘just before bed’ series which allows parents to introduce the character of Puff and help their child manage fears in a constructive and comforting way.
Every story starts and ends with a soothing piece of music to relax the listener, and we hope that over time Puff will become a character alive in their own imagination, there to comfort them in their real dreams.
PUFF IN THE PILLOW has been lovingly crafted by Natalie and Steven Gurevitz along with the internationally recognized author Jean Luc Lafitte.
Published by 2002 Studios Media Ltd. Distributed by Big Happy Family LLC.
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