Pulling the Trigger: OCD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Related Depression - The Definitive Survival and Recovery Approach

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From the heart and soul of a lifelong OCD and anxiety sufferer, combined with the expert mind and experience of a leading clinical psychologist, Trigger Press Publishing are proud to introduce the simple, yet highly effective, selfhelp method of Pulling the Trigger. This publication is a definitive survival and recovery approach for OCD, anxiety, panic attacks and related depression.
In Part I we follow Adam's desperate lifelong struggle with OCD, anxiety, panic attacks and related depression, leading him to the brink of suicide. We witness the painful, despairing journey of a young man who never really understood the illness tormenting him until Lauren came into his life and changed his world forever. Sufferers with any type of mental health condition will identify with Adam' s suffering and the daily struggles of his condition. Lauren' s wisdom, innovative and compassionate approach in leading Adam to recovery is captured perfectly as she provides valuable insight into why and how he struggled with his condition and what needed to be done to ensure his path to recovery and beyond.
Part II is Pullingthetrigger®, the definitive survival and recovery approach for OCD, anxiety, panic attacks and related depression. This is an innovative, userfriendly selfhelp approach to support and guide mild, moderate and severe sufferers to a place called recovery and beyond.
Thank you for your amazing support. By purchasing this product you are also making a huge difference to sufferers around the world with mental health issues. All of our Pullingthetrigger® products have substantial enterprising and philanthropic value which generate contributing proceeds towards our global mental health charity, The Shaw Mind Foundation. www.shawmindfoundation.org
We are so proud of our books. Each book produced in the PTT (Pullingthetrigger®) range is derived from unconditional attention and focus through years of research and drawing upon expert resource from all around the world. Our passion is in delivering unique, supportive and use
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