Pure Pleasure - Why Do Christians Feel So Bad about Feeling Good?

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Gary Thomas, one of this generation's most popular and accessible writers about the spiritual life, explores what it means to build a life of true pleasure---one that will liberate the believer's spiritual life, marriage, family, Christian community, and outreach.
Many Christians assume 'pleasure' and 'sin' are synonymous. Others define godly pleasure so narrowly that they drastically minimize the powerful and holy role that pleasure can play in their lives. Still others feel guilty even thinking about how to build a life of pleasure. For all of them, Pure Pleasure provides an entirely new paradigm. It invites contemporary Christians to embrace a life of true pleasure as a pathway to obedience, worship, and service.
Building on his bestselling books Sacred Pathways, Sacred Marriage, and the Gold Medallion-winning Authentic Faith, Gary Thomas takes readers to a new level of faith by providing a theological and inspirational framework to help them cultivate the kind of life that pleases God. Abounding with spiritual insights and practical exercises, this book provides the freedom to approach life in Christ with new wonder and joy.
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