Queer Little Folks

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The story telling genius of Harriet Beecher Stowe is never more obvious than in these animal stories. Meant to enchant as well as instruct young listeners on the dilemmas we face growing up, Ms. Stowe sees through the eyes of the forest creatures, large and small, and shows us how things might work in the adventure of growing “big”.
This set of short tales include:
1. Hen that Hatched Ducks
2. The Nutcrackers of Nutcracker Lodge
3. The History of Tip-Top
4. Miss Katy-did and Miss Cricket
5. Mother Magpie's Mischief
6. The Squirrels That Live in a House
7. Hum, Son of Buz
8. Our Country Neighbors
9. The Diverting History of Little Whiskey
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