Ransomed Bride - Book 2

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'I won't lose you now!' said Cam in a voice ragged with emotion. The moon moved across the sky from behind the sheltering trees, and suddenly the two of them were enveloped in moonlight. 'I love you, and yet I know I have no right to speak to you of this. I'm not free. I'm engaged--' 'Oh, Cam, don't!' she begged. 'It cannot be. It is too late. There is no way--' A tremor coursed through her -- a premonition of danger. This was madness, she knew. The two were as much star-crossed lovers as Romeo and Juliet, theirs as forbidden a love by all the same barriers of family, church, and honor. 'There has to be a way. There must be. We'll find a way!' Cam declared as he drew her into his arms. 'Cam, let me go. We must forget this ever happened.' 'How can we?' he asked in anguish. Ransomed Bride is a historical romance that brings to life a young couple's choice between duty and love.
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