Reading People - A Master Hypnotherapist's Guide to Understanding People in 60 Seconds!

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"You have an easy way of explaining things."
-Shirley Maclaine
See what is not being shown and hear what is not being said.
Did you know that a micro-gesture occurs 1/8 of a second before a word is spoken? Or how about the person that pats you on the back while hugging you is actually uncomfortable? When you try to impress her and she smiles without showing "crows feet" around her eyes, don't feel good about yourself.
By looking at a desk, tell how the person reacts to pressure. Find what a person is most insecure about, and what they truly feel towards you.
Reading people takes observing people. Through the exercises in the book you will get more comfortable doing so, and the techniques can help you in our personal and professional life.
Don't guess! Let them tell you everything!
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