Refreshing Journeys

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Learn how guided imagery can soothe away stress. This imagery sampler teaches valuable techniques for stress relief and enhanced well-being. Narrated by author Julie Lusk with classical guitar background by Steven Eckels.
Track 1: 1 to 10. Experience profound muscle relaxation as you create and dissolve tension. (9:55)
Track 2: Thoughts Library. Shelve away stressful, distracting thoughts. (11:17)
Track 3: Visualizing Change. Use the movies of your mind to help make a desired change. (7:29)
Track 4: Magic Carpet. Sink into luxurious softness as you breathe your way to deep relaxation. (9:43)
Track 5: Pond of Love. Fill up with peace, understanding, and forgiveness. (9:39)
Track 6: Cruise. Float away to an island shrine where your inner guide gives a blessing you need to hear. (8:59)
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