Releasing Fear - Say Goodbye To Anxiety

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Do you experience moments of paralyzing fear, panic, or anxiety that are out of proportion to situations at hand? When fear takes over, it impairs our judgment, makes us miserable, and causes us to make poor decisions. This program offers an effective way to reduce your fear, and approach life in a clearer, more fully present and comfortable way.
LESSON ONE: Observing Fear and Releasing the Past
Guided Meditation
Homework Instructions
LESSON TWO: Learning a New Response to Fear
Guided Meditation
Homework Instructions
LESSON THREE: Releasing Fear
Guided Meditation
Homework Instructions
From The Author, Max Highstein: Those of us who struggle with fear typically suffer from the residual effects of traumatic experiences early on. Post traumatic stress isn't just about combat. It can just as easily be about harsh treatment in childhood. It doesn't take much to frighten a child in a way that will impact him or her for a lifetime, and a very high percentage of us carry such burdens from the past.
Once we have accumulated some fear, our system seeks a way to release it, and we unknowingly begin to attract situations in life that trigger fear. We may well find ourselves experiencing similar events over and over, wondering "Why does this keep happening to me?" The answer: Your system is trying to heal itself, and is bringing you opportunities to do so. The key is knowing how to use those opportunities.
Because fear is very uncomfortable, our natural tendency is to try to avoid feeling it. But avoiding the feeling is the very thing that keeps fear from releasing. So, we continue to carry it around, meanwhile creating all sorts of defenses and other dysfunctional patterns that keep from feeling it, and unfortunately also keep us cut off from life.
It doesn't have to be that way. By learning to be present with fear when it comes up, we can take advantage of those opportunities, and release it. Then that ball of fear within can become smaller and smaller, until it doesn't
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