Rescuing America's Future: The Bipartisan Path

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John F. Kennedy said, Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. In that spirit, Richard G. Clemens wrote Rescuing America: The Bipartisan Path, which discusses a wide range of domestic policy issues facing the federal government in a nonpartisan way. These issues include: the demographic trends resulting from the rapidly growing aged population, Social Security, Medicare, the US trade deficit, the Iraq war, the mushrooming national debt, and tax and fiscal policy. Clemens identifies leaders of both political parties in Congress who are striving to follow the bipartisan path to find solutions. With the national debt rising at the rate of $40 million each hour, Rescuing America is a compelling read for anyone who is concerned about the unsustainable trajectory of mounting federal spending and the potential financial catastrophe that our nation faces in the years ahead.
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