Return to marshall's Bayou - A Dassas Cormier Mystery

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S.H. Baker vividly depicts the beauty and liveliness of the Louisiana Bayou right after WWI in her mystery series featuring the dashing, Cajun lawman, Dassas Cormier. In this first book of the series, Dassas returns home to the solace of family on the heels of a lawman's worst nightmare. He finds that below the surface Marshall's Bayou has changed--and not for the better. Someone needs to enforce the law, even if it means turning in the woman who once stole his heart.Readers who can't get enough of this era or the Louisiana Bayou will delight in the sounds of the marshland including the authentic Cajun music of Raymond T and the French Bred Band. Readers unfamiliar with this time and place will experience something akin to first love.This is a Siren Audio Studios production, a full cast Audiocinema(tm) experience, enhanced with sound effects and music to create as close to a visual experience as can be had without video.
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