Revenge in Paradise

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When Allison Kane leaves her home in Paradise, Oklahoma, and returns to the beautiful island of Oahu to teach summer school, life becomes anything but routine. As a teacher by day and sleuth by night, Allie attempts to help her 'friend, ' Detective Simon Kahala and his team track down a criminal who is wreaking havoc in the cemeteries of Hawaii. Ugly secrets will be uncovered in the new Garden of Eden. Are the victims randomly selected, or are they chosen? Will Allie's part-time job as a reporter at the Hawaiian Star be a blessing or a curse? Readers will love Terrye Robins' adventure, suspense, and constant laughs from Aunt Edith in this exciting tale of Whodunit. Find out if Allie's faith, family and friends will be enough to help her overcome the turmoil as she faces Revenge in Paradise!
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