Ridiculous Bliss with Your Children

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What if you could have deep, meaningful relationships with your children? Do you want to inspire powerful and responsible behavior in your children? Are you ready to experience love and support from your children? All of this can be yours when you learn to create Ridiculous Bliss with Your Kids. Matthew Ferry has battle tested his techniques and created harmony in his family and helped his more then 8000 life coaching clients do the same. Now he will help you do the same.
1. Step-by-step instructions to create Ridiculous Bliss with Your Kids.
2. How to win your children's respect and gain their support
3. How to create peace in your house
4. How to get your kids to listen to you and accept your requests
5. How to eliminate obnoxious behaviors and find your peace
6. How to create love in your relationship with your children
Learn to use the emotions of happiness and peace to guide your children to become the people they are destined to be. If you have tried everything to create peace in your house and nothing is working, then these techniques work great. Ridiculous Bliss with Your Kids gives you the tools you need to make life changing choices. Give your kids the life they deserve by becoming a parent who is feeling Ridiculous Bliss.
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