Riggleberry Bloke - And Other Silly Whatknots

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Just so you know, theres a boy stuck inside this book! Seriously, no joke! Theres a horse who despises grass, and a Grodie Kamodie pig as well. Drop in and see what tickles their fancy. But please beware! Some of the tales are tall, some of the words are big, and some of the bed bugs do bite! Speaking of biting, at all costs, please avoid the naughty Cyclops named Warner, and whatever you do, dont eat the Blake Eyed Beans. If Felicia offers you a taste of her Fixer Elixir, just say no and walk quickly to the next story. Youll be safe there. Ensconce yourself high up in the Tromble trees and open your copy of Riggleberry Bloke, slowly of course; some of the pages tend to be shy and a few of the words might still be wet! Oh, and if you see a little boy trapped inside, do give him a hand!
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