Ripple and the Wild Horses of White Cloud Station

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A love of horses, friendship, and adventure are the key elements of the White Cloud Station series, which combines great storytelling with an in-depth knowledge of horses and horsemanship. Suzy, Alexa and Lucy live and breathe horses. But unfortunately for Suzy her allergies mean she is forbidden to have a horse of her own.
When the three girls attend the round-up of the wild horses at White Cloud Station, Suzy falls in love with a curly-coated horse that she desperately wants to buy. However, things don't go according to plan when he gets sold to another bidder.
Just when it looks like Suzy will never get her dream, an unexpected friend comes to the rescue.
Ripple was so addictive I just couldn't put it down! Caprice.
I love White Cloud Station! The characters are so realistic and, as a major horse fan, I can say truly that I connect to the books!
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