RoAne's Rules - How to Make the Right Impression: Working the Room

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Some Things Are Just Better Heard Than Read. That's why Susan Roane is one of the superstars of the audio industry, and why more than 50,000 people chose to buy the audiobook of her bestseller, How to Work a Room. Knowing what to say is important. Hearing how to say it can make all the difference. With Roane's Rules Susan has taken it to the next level and created an original audiobook that explains how to handle yourself in those sticky situations that we all know too well: o You're making introductions and forget the names o Your boss invites you to dinner or comes to your house o You want to join a conversation but don't know anyone o You receive an unwanted compliment or a surprise gift o There's an awkward pause in the conversation o Someone jokes about you or puts you on the spot o You have to give a speech or make a toast Whether it's at the office, on a date, in an interview, or any other social or business situation, Roane's Rules will provide everything you need to come up with the right thing to say, and the way to say it with style.
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