Roadkill on the Highway to Heaven

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When life's left you flatter than a steamrolled possum, turn here for a little hope, humor, honesty, and encouragement from the Bible. It's the best of Chonda Pierce's celebrated Roadkill Reports to her fans, plus lots of new material, and it's perfect for reinflating your outlook---anytime, anywhere!
[Postcard from Chonda]
I tell jokes for a living. It's adventurous. But to do that, I have to fly for hours. I have to take a bus for days. I have to walk up steep stairs in skinny heels. In short, I sometimes take a beating like roadkill on a country highway!
Life really is one long journey to heaven. My travel journal is filled with what I've learned along the way---the hurts, the laughter, the victories, the failings, the crowds and the loneliness, and mostly, the times I've seen God at work.
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