Run for Your Life - Engineers Don't Idle Well

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With a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants attitude and the determination to be more than just the status quo, Charlie forges a life and career that is beyond description. He never expected to work for NASA or Disney when he dropped out of junior high to sell bubble gum, but Charlies days of skipping school teach him valuable lessons about construction and self-preservation. Eventually finding himself back in the classroom, a teachers encouragement moves Charlie to change his life forever. Going on to attend Georgia Tech and to become the engineer he was created to be, Charlie has the opportunity to participate in projects beyond his own imaginationthe Space Programs solid rocket manufacturing facility, the Saturn-Apollo Moon Landing for NASA, design and development for Walt Disney World, Panama Canal defenses, and much more. But Charlies life isnt limited to engineering and work. Adventures in selling scrap rubber as a child and taking Dads worst shortcut across a pitch-black cattle trail through the desert merely scratch the surface of Charlies life. Experience a look behind the scenes and follow Charlies trail of adventures that indeed prove the saying, Engineers dont idle well.
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