Run to Paradise

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When her boss, Jim Maverick, decides to leave the company to tour with Australias premiere band, Crackerjack, and its vivacious front man, Jack Porter, Clares own life takes a sudden turn. As she juggles the biggest jewelry promotion of the year for high-profile jeweler and personal friend, Julian Dodds, and the bands upcoming show in Paris, she soon finds herself wrapped up with what might be the love of her lifetime. Millionaire and best friend to Jack, Brad Myles, moves into the flat above Clare to house sit, and things begin to heat up. Set on the shores of Australia and full of fun and laughter, Annette Waltons new romance follows Clare down the pathway to her dreams, a pathway full of choices. Romance, trust and broken hearts rule supreme, but only true love will be found as the sun sets on Run to Paradise.
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