Safety Yells Back - A Children’s Guide to Stranger Danger Awareness

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Our children are not prepared for Stranger Danger as we know it. Although there is no quick fix to the problem, there are many things we, as adults, can do to positively address the issue and make sure our children are aware of the rules of safety. Safety Yells Back, takes A.J. and his friends through common situations that have the potential to become dangerous. When confronted by strangers, will your child make the right decision or will they put themselves in harms way? Are you concerned that your child may be too polite or trusting when faced with questionable circumstances? Put your mind at ease as you educate your child using the Tiki Torch series of real life situations and adventures. Join these neighborhood kids as they learn some important facts to staying safe. Use the questions and answers printed at the end of Safety Yells Back to build confidence for both you and your child.
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