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A fast, easy, effective way to learn the Italian you need while dining!
The Savvy Traveler is the ideal method to learn the Italian that will help you maximize your enjoyment of the diverse and vibrant cuisine of Italy. Whether you're dining in a modest trattoria, a country tavern in Tuscany, or even in a celebrated restaurant frequented by the rich and famous in New York, you'll know the appropriate words and phrases to make yourself understood. You can communicate effectively and order with poise in nearly any dining place where Italian is spoken when you use Savvy Traveler.
Restaurant Basics, Dinner Menu * Appetizers, Pasta and Macaroni * Soups, Meats, Popular Dishes * Specialty Dishes by Region * Fish and Shellfish * Cooking Methods and Food Preparation * Vegetables, Fruits, and Nuts * Cheeses, Ordering Wine * Before-Dinner and After-Dinner Drinks * Breakfast Items, Desserts, Coffees
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