Secret Within

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Carly Chambers leads an unusual life. She moves frequently and has to run mysterious packages to her father’s clients. Now living in Oceanside, New Jersey, Carly finds excitement by sneaking out at night to the town’s bustling boardwalk.
More and more Carly finds herself hoping to spend time with Nick, one of the few kids who doesn’t outright ignore her. But then her life is thrown into further disarray when she realizes she’s being followed, and Carly suspects that the menacing stranger shadowing her has something to do with her father’s business. Wanting to help, Nick starts to pry into her home life. Now Carly has to decide whether she can trust Nick or if she has to keep the secret that’s been eating away at her.
The Secret Within showcases author Theresa Martin Golding’s keen awareness of the trials and tribulations of adolescent turmoil. A compelling narration from Alyssa Bresnahan keeps listeners spellbound through the book’s final chapter.
“…the atmosphere and a bit of a love story keep this solid, well-paced tale moving along.”—School Library Journal
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