Secrets of a Wedding Night

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Young, widowed, and penniless, Lily Andrews, the Countess of Merrill,
has strong opinions on marriage. When she spots a certain engagement
announcement in The Times, she decides to take action. She will
not allow another hapless girl to fall prey to a man-particularly the
scoundrel who broke her heart five years ago. Anonymously she writes and
distributes a pamphlet entitled "Secrets of a Wedding Night," knowing
it will find its way into his intended's innocent hands.
Morgan, the Marquis of Colton, desires a good wife and mother to his
son-someone completely unlike Lily Andrews, the heartless beauty who led
him on a merry chase five years ago only to reject him. When Devon's
new fiancée cries off after reading a certain scandalous pamphlet, he
vows to track down the author and make her pay. But when he learns it's
his former fiancée Lily, he issues a challenge: write a retraction or
prepare to be seduced-to find out how wonderful a wedding night can be . . .
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