Shelter Days

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As the first chapter unfolds, the reader is introduced to Missy, a small beagle, as she struggles to come fully awake from a disturbing nightmareonly to discover the nightmare is real. She is locked in a cage and surrounded by frightened animals that are in the same unfortunate circumstance she finds herself. Missys adventure begins with her close friend, Simon, a slightly self-centered and pampered Schnauzer who stars in television commercials. Simon lives on the other side of the fence that separates their yards in an upscale neighborhood. Both dogs are on the inside looking out at the freedom enjoyed by Farley, a homeless mongrel, whose comings and goings spark overwhelming curiosity in the two sheltered canines. For Missy, fear of real and/or imagined threats is a prominent emotion; however, loneliness, boredom, fear of abandonment, physical discomfort and concern for her friends are prominent, too.
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