Shoefly: Friendship

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Shoefly is a magical tale about a bear who manages to take our most treasured values and create a story that is not only easy for a young child to understand, but is incredibly fun to read. Our children are extensions of ourselves, and as loving and nurturing parents one of our main goals is to incorporate our own morals and standards into their lives. Shoefly: Friendship is the first story in a series of books that are designed to help parents shape their children's character. Together we can embark on a journey that will mold our most precious gift from God into a person who will cherish the virtues that play an integral part in becoming a caring and productive member of society. It may take a whole village to raise a child, but as parents we lay out the ground-work. As our daily lives become more complicated and hectic we can all use a helping hand, and by adding the Shoefly collection to your child's library you will be creating a starting point that will not only help you as a parent, but will leave a lasting impression upon your children.
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