Short Stories of the Great War - The First World War in Short Fiction

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A fascinating collection of short stories by great writers that examine aspects of the first world war, from action in the trenches, to the psychological impact of war on individuals and their relationships, to heroic adventure stories, to ghosts and war graves. A wonderful collection!
"The King of Ypres", by John Buchan
"War", by Sherwood Anderson
"A Source of Irritation", by Stacy Aumonier
"American Sir!", by Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews
"England, my England!", By D. H. Lawrence
"The Brothers", by Stacy Aumonier
"Two Submarines from Lord Halifax’s Ghost Book"
"The Greater Battle", by Edgar Wallace
"When I Was Wounded at Chocolate Hill", by H. W. Nevinson
"The Truce of the Bear", by Sapper
"The Fly", by Katherine Mansfield
"Panzerkraftwagen", by F. Britten Austin
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