Simpler & Cheaper - Henry Ford to Google, Making Your Business Work

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In a world where goods are cheaper, where communication is simpler through advances in technology, what is the best way to limit your overhead and keep your costs down? How do you make your business work for you? In only 60 minutes of conversation and instruction, learn the answer to this question from the author of The Entrepreneur's Guide and and co-founder of the Umbroller Stroller Company, makers of the first folding baby stroller.
This lecture was given live at Harvard. It provides an immediacy not available in sound studios. These are the subjects covered.
1. Simpler and Cheaper
2. Henry Ford to Google
3. Making Your Business Work for You: Examine Your Costs First
4. Service Costs
5. Listening to the Outside World
6. Products and Services
7. Government Services
8. Your Core Work
9. Professionals
10. Local Providers
11. Larger Firms
12. Making Your Business Work for You
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