Single and Living Free - An Inspiring Companion for Your Personal Journey

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In his book Single and Living Free: An Inspiring Companion for Your Personal Journey Ed Houston states, 'I took my first overseas travel two and a half weeks after the 911 terrorist attacks in America. Everyone was telling me I should not go and that I was crazy. To be honest, it was a struggle at first to prepare for departure, but I felt at peace in my spirit and I followed the safety precautions prescribed by the tour company and I went.' Similar to the actions of a terrorist, Houston has discovered how the enemy bullies Christian singles into believing they have to live in bondage and that they cannot enjoy life to the fullest and experience wholeness on another level. As a Christian single, he, too encountered this same bondage and terror but was set free by a profound revelation. This pivotal insight is the foundation for several practical principles shared in Single and Living Free. Single and Living Free is a self help guide that teaches both men and women on how to break through the strongholds and addictions that often plague, blindside, and hinder Christian singles from living a life of wholeness and fulfillment. This guide, centered on biblical truths, teaches singles how to submit themselves to God, in an effort to realize the deliverance and plans He has for their lives. This book comes with what Houston calls a Goal Journal Companion designed to encourage singles to seize life by setting goals and journaling their way through to freedom. The latest fads in dating are addressed as singles are given ideas about how to increase their extracurricular activities in order to get out of the house, enjoy their life, and prepare for a spouse once they are free.
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