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Paul Beatty is praised for writing with “cheerfully raunchy, tossed-off outrageousness” (Washington Post). In Slumberland, a man travels halfway around the world in search of musical perfection and ends up rediscovering his identity as a black man.
Ferguson Sewell, aka DJ Darky, is a jazz enthusiast who does porno film scores to make money. Claiming to have a phonographic memory, Sewell is obsessed with the Schwa—a brilliant musician who supposedly disappeared into Cold War Berlin in the 1960s. When Sewell receives an already-scored production from a West Berlin bar called Slumberland, he’s certain the film’s incredible soundtrack is the work of the Schwa. So Sewell heads to Berlin, soon finding himself an exotic object of desire and watching as the city’s walls crumble around him.
Library Journal says of Slumberland that “the dense imagery and sound create a synesthesia carnival.”
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