Soaring above Satan/Soaring above Self - A Spiritual Journey from the Bondage of Sin into Life with the Lord

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Moments that consists of your spiritual objectives. Living in a high-velocity society, we are observing the slow destruction of the world right before our eyes. We have to think: are we spiritually correct? Satan uses strategies to discourage us from doing what needs to be done. He will cause things to happen to intimidate us from proceeding in the will of God, for this I know. It doesnt matter what trap or bait Satan places before you, continue to be faithful to the Lord. Soaring above Satan/Soaring above Self focuses on revealing the truth about Satans plots against us and provides encouragement for each battle. Author Demona Elzey shares the hope and inspiration that God has provided for her through His Wordshe knows she is not alone. By believing and trusting in God, He can work through us and strengthen us for the days to come. Join Demona as she shares her journey to becoming a woman that places God first in her life.
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