Speed Reading for Success - How to Find, Absorb and Retain the Information You Need for Success

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To achieve success today, you have to be able to read fast, filter what’s important and then remember it. But in this age of information overload, many people suffer immense stress as they struggle with a tidal wave of reports, journals, magazines, books, research papers or emails. The problem is that while producing and distributing information is now an effortless and instant process, our strategies for coping with this flood have hardly changed in a hundred years. In this audio book, leading UK speed reading trainer Jane Smith shows you – in simple, practical steps – how to read fast and retain essential information. Contents: Track 1: Introduction; Track 2: Your starting point; Track 3: How the eyes work; Track 4: Techniques for reading faster; Track 5: Let’s talk about peripheral vision; Track 6: The high-speed skim; Track 7: Stretching speed & comprehension; Track 8: Styles of reading; Track 9: Storing & recalling information; Track 10: Top tips for speed reading success
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