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Wherever you are on your personal healing journey, the teachings and practices in this program can help guide and nourish you. As Meredith Young-Sowers reminds us, healing is much more than a physical experience and there is not just one path to well-being. In fact, we are all healing every day of our lives. The healing process includes releasing ourselves from self-blame and criticism so we can explore the many ways we can, and need to, nourish ourselves, something we often neglect as we nourish and give to others. Addressing the many physical and emotional issues that women face, Meredith pays special attention to reproductive cancers and heart disease. Spirit Heals combines universal healing principles with practical and personal suggestions. Written and read by the author, who is a renowned spiritual teacher and cofounder of the Stillpoint Foundation, this program offers an enlightening new approach to health encompassing mind, body, and spirit.
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