Spiritual Arts - Mastering the Disciplines for a Rich Spiritual Life

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'I like to think of the work of The Holy Spirit in the lives of men and women as art.'
Spiritual life is not just a gift; it is a skill we must work to develop.
Using Paul's letter to the Philippians as her guide, Bible teacher Jill Briscoe uncovers eight 'spiritual arts' that Christians are called to practice regularly; contentment, intimacy, suffering, simplicity, ministry, tranquility, humility, and harmony.
Jill pulls no punches in challenging Christian readers to do their part, Spiritual Arts is a discovery study of practices we need to learn if we are to live life as God intended---full of great joy, deeper intimacy with God, and an exciting impact in the lives of others. With patience, wit, and probing questions, Jill challenges the faithful to a different ethic and a more active, focused way to follow Christ.
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