Stop Smoking - Hypnosis for smoking cessation

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This unique 3-CD stop smoking hypnosis program uses the validated techniques of medical hypnosis and guided imagery, combined with innovative binaural audio technology providing an easy way to help you quit smoking cold turkey. Increasing your motivation and will power can help you quit smoking without gaining weight and manage stress without turning to cigarettes.
Our stop smoking hypnosis program supports your decision to stop smoking. And this decision will help you put more money in your pocket, improve your appearance, increase your strength and will power, and improve your self-esteem! Maybe not necessarily in that order, but who cares about the order as long as you receive the rewards! Right! You bet.
This 3-part stop smoking hypnosis program is intended to re-program your powerful subconscious mind to increase the ease with which you become a non-smoker while simultaneously enhancing other aspects of your life, and is designed to cover three important areas.

The first segment, “Stop Smoking Yesterday” offers suggestions to recall when smoking first started and to understand the reasons why. The listener identifies the deeper reasons for the behavior and allows for room to honor those needs without the use of tobacco or cigarettes. Suggestions for eliminating cravings and discovering healthy ways to spend time and money are offered.
The 2nd part, “Stop Smoking Today” contains aversive suggestions to strengthen the will and plant seeds in the subconscious mind, thus making it easy to substitute self-destructive behaviors with positive healthy ones.
The 3rd and last segment, “Stop Smoking Tomorrow” is like having a personal trainer or coach to help maintain your new smoke free status naturally without cravings or weight gain! By listening you can expect to live a better life by improving your health, appearance, and self esteem, save money as well as increase your fitness and will power!
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