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Ella M. Sexton's stated purposed is "to recount in simple accurate narratives the early conditions and subsequent development of California". In addition to the facts, Sexton brings the players to life with drama, emotion and energy.
Table of Contents:
Chapter 01: California's Name and Early History
Chapter 02: The Story of The Missions and of Father Serra
Chapter 03: Before The Gringos Came
Chapter 04: The Americans and The Bear-Flag Republic
Chapter 05: The Days of Gold and The Argonauts of '49
Chapter 06: Mining Stories
Chapter 07: How Polly Elliott Came Across The Plains
Chapter 08: The Building of The Overland Railroad
Chapter 09: Story of The Wheat Fields
Chapter 10: Orchard, Farm, and Vineyard
Chapter 11: The Story of The Navel Orange
Chapter 12: The Lemon
Chapter 13: Flowers and Plants
Chapter 14: The Big Trees and Lumbering
Chapter 15: Our Birds
Chapter 16: Our Wild Animals
Chapter 17: In Salt Water and Fresh
Chapter 18: About California's Indians
Chapter 19: The Story of San Francisco
Chapter 20: Men California Remembers
Chapter 21: Our Glorious Climate
Chapter 22: Some Wonderful Sights
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