Strange Pages from Family Papers

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“Among other qualities which have been supposed to belong to a dead man’s hand, are its medicinal virtues, in connection with which may be mentioned the famous ‘dead hand,’ which was, in years past, kept at Bryn Hall, Lancashire… Thus the case is related of a woman who, attacked with the smallpox, had this dead hand in bed with her every night for six weeks, and of a poor lad living near Manchester who was touched with it for the cure of scrofulous sores.”
Though not all chapters have such gruesome subjects as The Dead Hand, all are full of a curious mixture of superstition and local history that will delight and amuse the modern listener. (Summary by David Barnes).
Read by Annika Feilbach, Carl Manchester, Claire Goget, Cori Samuel, David Barnes, Graham Redman, Hugh McGuire, Jennie Hughes, Lizzie Driver, Peter Yearsley, Philippa, Sarah McIntrye, Sarah O’Connor and Stuart Pyle.
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