Stumbling Down the Road Less Traveled - A Devotional: Insights into Life's Mishaps on the Road

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We all know life can be an interesting journey, but it is amazing what you can learn from the unexpected turns along the way. Author Tonya McKinley knows how true that is, especially while on the road. In Stumbling Down the Road Less Traveled, Tonya takes a humorous look at some of her unexpected turns and shares her life insights learned from these surprising paths. This enjoyable devotional takes you through traveling blunders facing every traveler, as well as some less common experiences that every traveler hopes to never encounter, all the while finding a lesson from the Word of God in each stumble. No matter your age or gender, you will enjoy reading about these mishaps and adventures, finding that you cant help but remember a few of your own. We are all Stumbling Down the Road Less Traveled, but this book will help you learn to enjoy the ride.
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