Survive In the Shadows

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Roy Chalmers is a recently retired professional criminal who is possessed by guilt for causing the accident that left his girlfriend Margo lying comatose. Roy looks back over his life to find out where he went wrong:After serving a three year prison term Roy contacted partner in crime Ken Anderson,who was now deeply involved with Don Hay, a well known underworld figure. It was because of his meeting up with Ken, that Don had paid Margo, a working prostitute, to get close to him and report back all his and Ken’s movements.At the orders of his superiors, Don decides to replace Ken and he offered Roy a lucrative place within the organisation loaning him a large amount of cash to get himself settled.Roy is torn between his loyalties to Ken and his natural selfinterest but decides with Margo to go away together and not get involved with Don.Unknown to them, Roy had been under surveillance by the National Drugs Squad from the day he had come out of prison.The pair planned their disappearance well, but within a day the drugs squad visited them in their hotel room and Roy was blackmailed into accepting the position of police informer.Roy then had to play the dangerous game of being a friend to all the players yet protecting him and Margo at all times.
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