Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch in Marriage

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Someone came between Lee and Leslie Strobel, threatening to shipwreck their marriage. No, it wasn't an old flame. It was Jesus Christ.
Leslie's decision to become a follower of Jesus brought heated opposition from her skeptical husband. They began to experience conflict over a variety of issues, from finances to child-rearing. But over time, Leslie learned how to survive a spiritual mismatch. Today they're both Christians--and they want you to know that there is hope if you're a Christian married to a nonbeliever. In their intensely personal and practical book, they reveal:
* Surprising insights into the thinking of non-Christian spouses
* A dozen steps toward making the most of your mismatched marriage
* Eight principles for reaching out to your partner with the gospel
* Advice for raising your children in a spiritually mismatched home
* How to pray for your spouse--plus a 30-day guide to get you started
* What to do if you're both Christians but one lags behind spiritually
* Advice for single Christians to avoid the pain of a mismatch
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