Swords of the Revealer - Armed with his sharpest sword, the Word, Tono must battle on to fulfill his calling.

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The great hurt of losing his father at a young age still haunts Antonio and he vows not to have anything to do with the God that let his father die. When he is given a chance, Antonio chooses to leave behind this world and his old identity. He is now Too and he travels to a different realm in search of fame and glory, armed with a pair of extraordinary swords. Within days of his arrival, his blades are being tried in fatal combat and are baptized in the blood of battle. He comes to the rescue of a beautiful young maiden who is the first of many in the realm that will need his help. He also learns that his greatest sword is not made of steel but of Gods Word. Swords of the Revealer is a testimony that ones destiny isnt always what he expects, nor can any of us run from the presence of God.
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