Tales of Horror and Suspense

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Fifty terrifying short stories from the great classic horror writers:
1. Pigeons from Hell by Robert E. Howard
2. Pickman’s Model by H. P. Lovecraft
3. The Horror Horn by E. F. Benson
4. The Fearsome Touch of Death by Robert E. Howard
5. The Terrible Old Man by H. P. Lovecraft
6. The Step by E. F. Benson
7. Dagon by H. P. Lovecraft
8. The Dream Snake by Robert E. Howard
9. Caterpillars by E. F. Benson
10. The Clock by W. F. Harvey
11. In the Forest of Villefore by Robert E. Howard
12. The Book by H. P. Lovecraft
13. Memory by H. P. Lovecraft
14. The Thing on the Roof by Robert E. Howard
15. The Face by E. F. Benson
16. The Cats of Ulthar by H. P. Lovecraft
17. The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe
18. Nyarlathotep by H. P. Lovecraft
19. The Beast in the Cave by H. P. Lovecraft
20. Rattle of Bones by Robert E. Howard
21. The Man who hated Aspidistras by W. F. Harvey
22. The Tell-tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe
23. The Beast with Five Fingers by W. F. Harvey
24. Cool Air by H. P. Lovecraft
25. The Thing in the Hall by E. F. Benson
26. Sea Curse by Robert E. Howard
27. The Bath Chair by E. F. Benson
28. The Right Hand of Doom by Robert E. Howard
29. The Bus Conductor by E. F. Benson
30. From Beyond by H. P. Lovecraft
And twenty more terrifying tales….
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